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Student Pilot
This is the first formal qualification required for the progression from dual flight (flying with an instructor) to flying solo. Your first solo flight will be a memory that will remain vividly with you forever, and it essentially signifies your transition to the privileged realm of aviators.

Requirements for the issue of a Student Pilot's Licence (SPL):

1. You must be at least 16 years old, and there is no upper age limit.

2. You must complete a formal medical examination (Class II). This will entail a chest x-ray, hearing and eyesight tests, stress ECG (heart monitoring while doing moderate exercise), urine sample (to determine, amongst others, your diabetic situation) and a general physical examination. You can wear corrective lenses (glasses) if required.

3. You will take a basic air law and procedural written examination, the content of which will be simple to grasp after a few lessons with your flight instructor.

4. You will need two passport size photographs.

5. Your instructor will help you fill in the Student Pilots Licence (SPL) application form, which must be signed by two experienced flight instructors, whom attest to your ability to operate the radio equipment in the aircraft and the fact you have written the Student Pilot Exam.

5. Pay the prescribed licence fee to the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SA-CAA). You will then be issued with a licence that enables you to fly solo, all alone, and by yourself in an aircraft, under the trained supervision of your flight instructor.